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The digital world is changing the rules of the market and confronts mechanical and plant engineering with the task of actively shaping the dynamic change. Business Strategies helps - with information on all business issues, current management trends, and by providing support in day-to-day operations and strategic planning.

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Aus unseren Inhalten

Aus unseren Inhalten
9th Future Business Summit "Carbon Management 2035" in Berlin

Dive deep into the world of Carbon Management & Removal with us on April 10/11, 2024 - the step towards a climate-neutral future. The VDMA's new future study highlights relevant aspects and shows the way forward for the coming years.

Accounting 2022/2023

The stable participation of companies in updating the accounting benchmarks allows them to be evaluated and analyzed.

Opportunity or risk? How to act quickly and safely!

Companies are subject to increased business risks and various compliance regulations. With optimal data utilization, you can still remain competitive, quick to act and innovative!

Industrial valve manufacturers feel slowing demand

While 2023 closed with a 3 percent increase in sales, 2024 got off to a slow start, but a trend reversal is expected in the second half of the year.

NORTEC 2024 - Successful new start

Over four exciting trade fair days, NORTEC, under the new management of Messe Stuttgart and the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders' Association), showed just how important the trade fair for production technology is in Hamburg.

Less provisioning necessary

Expenses for warranty and goodwill costs have also stabilised at a low level. This applies in particular to larger companies, which are disproportionately represented in the survey of these figures.

VDMA surveys students on world of work

In a large survey of around 2,400 engineering students, VDMA investigates what image young people have of their studies, the world of work and the largest industries in Germany.

A fool with a tool - tools itself do not solve anything

Tools are helpful if they are suitable for the task and have been tried and tested in use. Unsuitable tools or their improper use often cause damage - both at the workbench and in organizations.

Trainee training: Virtual training program

Due to the authentic approach, many companies rely on their own trainees to reach pupils when recruiting young talent. The VDMA offers the right virtual training for your technical trainees.

Raw materials information service non-ferrous metals

Monthly tracking of the market development of valve-related raw materials with a focus on non-ferrous metals

Revision of ISO 9001:2025

The revision of ISO 9001:2015 is progressing as planned. The first Committee Draft (CD) is expected as early as this year

Operationalizing strategic goals with OKR and Hoshin Kanri

How can strategy be operationalized? How can you develop corporate goals, break them down to individual teams and let them work in a results-oriented and self-responsible manner?

VDMA: Focus on African sales structures

Only around 15 percent of African trade volumes take place within the African continent.

Complex but profitable: business opportunities with conversions

Conversions of machines and systems - complex and profitable projects for mechanical engineering and an opportunity or necessity for the operator?

Raw materials information service "Cast steel"

Monthly tracking of the market development of raw materials relevant to valves with a focus on steel and cast iron.

Remote employment helps industrial SMEs

Well-trained specialists are in short supply. Opportunities to work with qualified personnel abroad are in demand. - especially in the IT sector. A new VDMA service is set to facilitate access to IT specialists from Ghana in the future.

Girls want MINT

The potential of girls in the STEM sector has not yet been sufficiently exploited.

NORTEC 2024 - Production and manufacturing technology in Hamburg

A must-attend event for production companies in the north and neighboring European countries for over 30 years

Successfully finding the right commercial agency

Good preparation pays off when searching for sales partners worldwide. The "Tips for the successful worldwide search for sales agents" have been updated and are available exclusively for VDMA members.

VDMA: Customer service managers explore service scenarios

As complex as it may be to forecast future developments in a rapidly changing world, the open dialog about plausible trends and viable options for action is just as instructive.

Supply chains of the future - increasing resilience

VDMA Foreign Trade offers sourcing events with different regional focuses

Countering the sickness rate with occupational health management

Around 40 participants exchanged views digitally on the topic of sick leave in mechanical engineering.

Facts and figures: Research and innovation

In our theme publication you will find facts and figures on research and development, innovations and patents in machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Facts and figures: Education and workforce in machinery and equipment manufacturing

In our theme publications, you will find facts, figures and data related to vocational training, engineering courses, skilled workers, mechanical engineers and women in machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Computer-aided quality assurance: fewer errors, better verification

Avoiding errors instead of managing them: This principle of quality management is easier to implement with suitable software. Computer-aided worker self-inspection also has many beneficial effects.

New products: Realize technical requirements commercially!

Strong competitive pressure, short product life cycles and high market launch costs are three reasons for managing new developments in a targeted manner from a commercial perspective. A key guarantee of success: those responsible for controlling!

Digitalization and leadership in purchasing

When it comes to recruiting personnel, Purchasing is not only in competition with other companies, but also with other functional areas within the company.

Digital Service Automation

The digital transformation in German mechanical and plant engineering does not stop at service. Modern ticket systems significantly optimize the transparency and systematic processing of service requests and increase efficiency in the service department.

Global sideways trend

VDMA economists are forecasting price-adjusted stagnation in global machinery turnover for 2023 and 2024, while the picture remains very heterogeneous at the country level.

Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology: Global market reports from GTAI

In this compilation of GTAI articles from 2023 on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and pharmaceutical sectors, you will find the markets and articles in chronological order.

Two years of stagnation in global machinery

For 2023 and 2024, VDMA economists are forecasting price-adjusted global machinery turnover at the same level as 2022.

Shaping the future of mechanical and plant engineering

In 2024, new VDMA services will be launched together with delphai to facilitate entry into business development and provide sustainable support in handling information and data for market analyses and better decision-making.

Correct handling of delivery terms

The Incoterms define rules for the national and international movement of goods. The Incoterms 2020 are the latest version of these rules, which are updated every ten years by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Startup Award at the Mechanical Engineering Summit 2023

On 8 November 2023, VDMA Startup-Machine and Production presented the Startup Award to the startup that opens up new paths for the future of production through the biologization of industry.

The perfect price-performance ratio

Addressing price-sensitive customers and markets with tailor-made quality products. This is the subject of the new study "Frugal innovations in mechanical and plant engineering" by the IMPULS Foundation of the VDMA.

Cost development 2024

VDMA estimate of cost development and cost trends in 2024.

Employer attractiveness in production

Production employees and their expectations should be given greater focus. A web event organized by VDMA Baden-Württemberg and VDMA Business Advisory looked at the possibilities.

Analysis, assessments and options for action for business with China

China has developed rapidly and, as a result, undergone considerable change. This has an impact on the economic and political environment to which the machinery and plant engineering industry cannot close its eyes.

VDMA BarCamp Skilled Workforce Retention on November 23, 2023 in Frankfurt/M.

On November 23, 2023, the free VDMA event will take place at Kap Europa, Osloer Straße 5, 60327 Frankfurt am Main from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Latest developments on labor market policy and labor law

The event focused on the impact of the new law on the immigration of skilled workers and current labor law on business practice in the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

Presence-Erfa at Pöttinger Landtechnik on the future of service

On October 10, 2023, Pöttinger Landtechnik in Grieskirchen hosted an exchange of experience on the future of customer service in machine and plant engineering, which was fully booked with 46 participants.

Involving parents in the recruitment of new recruits

Parents continue to have an influence on the career orientation of their own children. In order to recruit young people for the mechanical engineering sector, parents must therefore be involved at an early stage.

Without the courage to face conflict, the vision remains merely a beautiful

On September 27, VDMA-BaWü hosted an online lunchtalk with around forty participants on the topic of storytelling in change - the power of change stories.

Exchange on the topic of multiple talents

In the one-hour online exchange, the essence of multitalentedness was illuminated and made tangible through examples provided by the speaker.

Advantages of automated purchasing processes: Insight into practice

Digitized and automated processes take the pressure off purchasing. For example, collaboration with suppliers can be made much more efficient. Here are some practical solutions.

VDMA Control Technology Working Group

Current topics: Environmental Requirements & Sustainability in Automation Technology | Market Study Servo Drives in Mechanical Engineering | VDMA Semiconductor Study | New Directives & Regulations MV, UKCA, RED, EU Data Act, AI Act, NIS2, CRA

University cooperations and other approaches to student retention

To meet the demand for highly qualified specialists at an early stage, some companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector are cooperating with universities - the possibilities are diverse.

Successfully developing products through digital networking

Data is the blood of the complex organism of product development. The results report "Digital Product Development" by the WZL of RWTH Aachen University and the VDMA (German Engineering Federation) compactly shows how the many pieces of information can be effectively linked.

We update the VDMA salary study!

The VDMA salary survey provides a detailed overview of the status quo regarding the salaries of a good 160 typical positions in our industry.

Weak global economy weighs on machinery and plant engineering sector

Due to the lack of new orders, production in the machinery and plant engineering sector will shrink in the second half of 2023. The VDMA expects production to decline by 2 per cent in real terms for the year as a whole.

Important questions on this topic

Our expert and focus topics

Our expert and focus topics
Benchmarking is an instrument of controlling and corporate management for the analysis of processes, corporate success and developments.
Intercompany comparisons
The business management tool for performance optimization and measurement from a neutral partner. A diverse and participative VDMA system at a glance.
Business Development
The permanent establishment is a tax fiction that can quickly become complex in its handling. Despite the fact that it is not legally independent, it triggers registration and tax declaration obligations in the source country, for example. The various information is intended to provide a practical, clear introduction to this complex topic.
Finance & Controlling
Globalization, digital transformation and the associated dynamics have substantial effects on Finance and Controlling. To ensure that the sector can continue to set the pace for value-added innovation in the future, new processes and competencies are required that enable secure, data-driven decisions based on resilient analyses and real-time forecasts.
Risk Management
Risk management does not mean ruling out risks from the outset, but weighing up and factoring in possible disruptions. In doing so, the entire company with all its departments and areas must be taken into account in order to identify and eliminate risks that could jeopardize the company's existence at an early stage.
In manufacturing and assembly outstanding machines and plants become reality. This is where information and material flow together, not always according to plan. However it is important to meet the high demands in terms of quality, time and costs every day.
Climate-Neutral Production
Companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector must also set out on the path to climate neutrality. The VDMA's "Climate-neutral production" initiative provides support.
Lean Management
All companies solve problems for their customers every day. The tasks are often familiar, but they are also often new. Lean management is an approach that has been tried and tested for decades and can also be used by machine and plant manufacturers to make themselves fit for a successful future.
Product development is where most of the course for a company's success is set. You will find valuable impulses for the complex requirements on these pages.
Quality Management
The quality of products and services is an essential basis for success in the German mechanical and plant engineering industry. Every company, whether certified to ISO 9001:2015 or not, has a functioning quality management system. However, there are major differences in its effectiveness.
Purchasing and Materials Management
On average, material costs in the mechanical and plant engineering sector account for about 50 per cent of the company's total costs. At the same time, the trouble-free supply of materials is an indispensable prerequisite for functioning production and thus for the timely fulfilment of orders.
Marketing Communication is nowadays a part of the sales process. It´s not reduced on graphical outcome an should qualify permanently Leads. How you can proceed on this, is explained on the following page.
Service / After Sales Services
At around 20 percent, service is one of the biggest revenue generators in the mechanical engineering sector and makes a significant contribution to overall earnings. In times of crisis, it sustainably supports the company.
Human Resources Management
Human resources management in companies has received a significant upgrade since the early 1990s. The ability to stand out in the market depends not least on the qualified people in the company.
Organization and Culture
Both organisation and culture are what make up the company "inside". Both have far-reaching effects on the outside, on customers and their needs and on other external partners. Thus, both are a question of successful cooperation inside and outside.
Personnel Marketing & Recruitment
The shortage of skilled workers has arrived in the present. The labour market has turned and companies are receiving a decreasing number of applications. Demography, digitalisation, democratisation and decentralisation pose major challenges for the economy. Personnel recruitment must now take new paths.
Future Business
Trendscouting - Foresight - Startups: We are tracking the future of mechanical engineering. Well structured and across all sectors within VDMA, in the almost infinite variety of complex topics for the next 10-15 years. Our goal: to identify trends and disruptions relevant to machine makers at an early stage and make them usable, to point out new business opportunities and to build networks.
Startups transform trending topics into new technologies and products that will be of importance in the future of mechanical engineering. Startups employ novel work practices which mechanical engineers should be aware of.
Plant Engineering
Mechanical and plant engineering companies from all over Europe are involved in the VDMA. Mechanical engineering is a familiar term to many, but what characterizes plant engineering?
Standort Deutschland
Many medium-sized mechanical engineering companies have regional roots and are highly competitive internationally from their home region. To ensure that this remains the case, excellent site conditions and a good industrial policy are absolutely essential.

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To the point

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"Measurability in product management - oha, very difficult.... Nice that there is now the guide and a super overview of KPIs in product management."

Bianca Illner, Managing Director Business Advisory

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Future scenarios

The "Future Services 2035" study paints four pictures of the future, showing the different development paths that services can take for mechanical and plant engineering in the next decade.

Source: VDMA Study Future Services 2035

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung Business Strategien

Digital spare parts management: success factors from practice
  • A well-organized and efficient spare parts management
  • Establishment of a dealer network for better supply of spare parts
  • Standardization and automation of services



Mon. 22.04.24 Fri. 26.04.24

  • Digitalization & Industrie 4.0

Experience the technologies that our industry is using to drive the digital transformation and decarbonization at Hannover Messe 2024! Over 4,000 companies will present pioneering solutions from mechanical and plant engineering, the electrical and digital industries and the energy sector. Numerous dialog formats with representatives from politics, industry, science, media and society will present and discuss challenges and solutions for the intelligent and carbon-neutral production of tomorrow.

Places available

Mon. 18.03.24 Tue. 19.03.24

  • Green Transition

Bright ideas for navigating geopolitical challenges and the green transformation.

Places available

Unsere Leistungen

Unsere Leistungen
Job description made easy
Job description, classification, career and competencies made easy - access HR Online Manager for 4 weeks free of charge.


VDMA Excel calculation for forecasting life cycle costs
Life cycle costing (LCC) is very much in vogue, because it allows us to assess the value of "Made in Germany" in monetary terms. For this reason, more and more mechanical engineering customers are inquiring with their suppliers about the follow-up costs of their investment.
Checklist Safety for Service Missions during the Pandemic
Our checklist will help you increase the safety of service staff during urgently needed field work assignments. It provides references to useful sources of information and offers a basis for WEB experience exchanges among VDMA divisions.
Fitness check - where does your company stand compared to the best in the industry?
Do you know how well your company compares to the best in the industry? Find out: on our "Fitness Checks" platform, you can use the online assessment tool to measure and compare your performance currently in the areas of service, quality management and innovation & quality using topic-specific success criteria.
Incoterms 2020
In September 2019, the new Incoterms 2020 were published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The 11 trade clauses govern the transfer of risks and costs in sales contracts.
Investment calculator 4.0
The model-based online tool "Investment Calculator 4.0" and the accompanying guide offer you valuable support in the economic evaluation of digitization projects.
Salary survey
The VDMA salary study shows what engineers and IT specialists earn in a medium-sized company and provides, among other things, approaches for company-specific salary benchmarking.


Overview Liquidity Support
In challenging times, companies rely on sufficient liquidity. In our overview, we have compiled various instruments, programs and information for you.
Startup Radar Dashboard - Find startups for mechanical engineering online
Discover startup contacts and trends for mechanical engineering worldwide?! The new digital startup search platform helps to find suitable partners.
Peacoq trend radar platform - exploring trends for mechanical engineering online
The VDMA Future Business Trendradar has reached the next level: All content is now digital - making it more accessible for research, display and customization.



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