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Technical Regulations & Standardization
Technical regulations and standardization facilitate economic cooperation and the marketing of products at national and international level. Through the DIN Mechanical Engineering Standards Committee (NAM), the VDMA promotes the competitiveness of the mechanical engineering industry. In addition, the Standardization Department coordinates the preparation of VDMA specifications.

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Knowledge Machinery Directive

When CE marking machines, important instructions must be observed in order to fulfill the legal obligations. The VDMA has compiled these notes for practical use, which go beyond explanations in the official guide.

New EU Machinery Regulation published on June 29, 2023

The new EU Machinery Regulation was published today, June 29, 2023, in the Official Journal of the European Union. The regulation replaces the Machinery Directive and will be applied from January 14, 2027.

Revision of the Machinery Directive

What are the implications for standardization of the proposal for revision of the Machinery Directive published by the European Commission?

VDMA 40100-2:2024-08

OPC UA for Machine Vision – Part 2: Asset Management and Condition Monitoring

VDMA 40740:2024-08

OPC UA for Process Air Extraction and Filtration Systems (PAEFS)

Characteristic Value Libraries in the Format VDMA 66413

Manufacturer list of characteristic value libraries for VDMA 66413 specification "Functional Safety – Universal data format"

Draft VDMA 40504-1:2024-07

OPC UA for Cutting Tools – Part 1: Manufacturing

New standards in the Official Journal of Machinery Directive (OJEU)

Good news for manufacturers of mobile robots: The long-awaited standard for Driverless industrial trucks and their systems has been published and thus also provides a presumption of conformity with the Machinery Directive from May 15, 2024.

Draft VDMA 24124:2024-07

Job Target Definitions for Flat Glass Processing and Finishing

Draft VDMA 40501-1:2024-07

OPC UA for Machine Tools – Part 1: Machine Monitoring and Job Management

VDMA: OECD Annual Meeting 2024 on OECD Tractor Codes

This year's annual meeting of the OECD on the OECD Tractor Codes at the beginning of March in Paris focused on the mandates of the sub-working groups.

Working draft of the cyber security standard for agricultural machinery available

ISO/TC 23/SC 19 - Agricultural Electronics is preparing a standard in view of the upcoming cybersecurity regulations of the EU Commission.

Supply Chain Security document series

The Industrial Security working group makes the complete Supply Chain Security document series freely available

Draft VDMA 40301:2024-06

OPC UA for flat glass processing

Protection against cyber attacks is becoming just as important as defense against plagiarism

Protection against cyber attacks is becoming increasingly important for companies, while combating product piracy remains just as important. Because in both cases, the industry suffers billions in damage every year.

Digital operating instructions - now possible

The EU Commission, member states and trade associations have agreed that manufacturers of machinery can now supply the operating instructions in digital form.

VDMA 8721:2024-06

Safety of Coordinate Measuring Machines

EU Machinery Regulation: New obligations - old pitfalls

Between the current Machinery Directive and the new EU Regulation - those responsible for machinery safety are faced with some groundbreaking questions. An overview of obligations and deadlines.

Cyber Resilience Act: New obligations for manufacturers - act now!

The European Union's Cyber Resilience Act affects many products and components in the mechanical engineering sector. Companies should quickly identify the extent to which they are affected and take measures to ensure compliance and product security.

Determination of the dynamic coefficient of friction

Draft version of VDMA 34171 published. Objection period runs until June 1, 2024.

Presentations and technical documentation AKT 2024

Exclusively for our industry members here all presentations of the AKT events 2024.

VDMA expert discussion online - Technical regulations USA 15.05.2024

A flashlight on essential requirements for the safe commissioning of machines and systems in the USA in contrast to Europe.

Reporting and retention requirements for PFAS defined in US TSCA

PFAS are now also being scrutinized in the USA. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has defined reporting and retention requirements for PFAS in US TSCA. The VDMA supports its member companies with a fact sheet.

VDMA 40001-3:2024-05 - New edition

OPC UA for Machinery – Part 3: Job Management

VDMA 40451-1:2024-05

OPC UA for Tightening Systems – Part 1: General

VDMA 40450-1:2024-05

OPC UA for Joining Systems – Part 1: Base

New findings on the timeline in the PFAS restriction procedure

Contrary to what was originally assumed, it will take much longer before a final decision is made on how per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) will be regulated under the European chemicals legislation REACH.

Security.txt - mandatory exercise for supply chain security

A text file on the website for better cyber security? Manufacturers can achieve this with security.txt. A simple and essential step towards addressing vulnerabilities.

Vote on the Cyber Resilience Act in the plenary of the EU Parliament

The draft version of the Cyber Resilience Act, which was voted on in the plenary of the European Parliament on 12.03.2024, is available for download.

Draft VDMA 11499:2024-05

Operation and use of refrigerated display cabinets

Extended protection against side channel attacks

The new safe lock standard offers enhanced protection against new attack methods.

VDMA 8722:2024-04

I++ DME – Dimensional Measurement Equipment Interface (Version 2.5)

VDMA: Shaping the agricultural technology of tomorrow - AKT met in Frankfurt

The VDMA called and the industry came: More than 130 experts from industry, science, politics and associations gathered at the VDMA House in Frankfurt on February 21 and 22 for the traditional conference of the Technology Working Group (AKT).

Supply Chain Requirement Specification: Component Manufacturer

VDMA Informatik publishes the requirements specification for component manufacturers

Draft VDMA 34100:2024-04

OPC UA for Energy Consumption Management

Draft VDMA 34171:2024-04

Determination of the dynamic coefficient of friction on flexible material webs

New edition of the "Smoke-free welding" guide

In the new edition, the Working Group on Dedusting Technology provides important regulations on air pollution control at welding workplaces. The guide provides orientation, assistance for manufacturers and operators as well as answers to basic questions.

Can prototypes be handed over to a customer?

In some cases, functions of a machine are tested and optimized on site. There is a desire to leave machines without CE marking to the customer for this purpose for a certain period of time.

VDMA 40568-1:2024-04

OPC UA for Mining – External Standards – Part 1: IREDES

VDMA Webinfoday EU Regulation Machinery on 23.02.2024 BOOKED-OUT

The first analyses of the new EU Regulation Machinery have been carried out by VDMA. Find out about the manufacturer's obligations and the sticking points.

Technical Committee 2 met in the Netherlands

The last fall meeting of Technical Committee 2 (tillage, sowing and crop protection) took place at John Deere in Horst, Netherlands.

VDMA 66419:2024-03

The VDMA standard sheet VDMA66419:2024-03 provides an interface description that can be used to combine entire modules into complex overall systems with little effort.

Draft VDMA 34191:2024-03

Code letters for subclasses of objects to be applied for reference marking on machine tools

NAM Annual Report 2023

The NAM annual report is now available for download.

NORTEC 2024 - Production and manufacturing technology in Hamburg

A must-attend event for production companies in the north and neighboring European countries for over 30 years

Feedback from affected companies requested

ECHA is currently working on a proposal to restrict chromium(VI). To this end, it is first collecting information from affected companies and is asking for feedback by 13.02.2024.

Publication of the Cyber Resilience Act

The provisional text of the Cyber Resilience Act is available for download.

The EU Battery Regulation is coming. What needs to be taken into account?

The second online information event this year on the new legal requirements for batteries took place on December 4, 2023. Find out more here.

Safety of coordinate measuring machines

Experts from industry and trade associations have developed a uniform level of protection for coordinate measuring machines as a VDMA standard sheet, which will be published for comment.

EU proposal to prevent the release of plastic pellets

The EU Commission has published a proposal for a regulation on preventing the release of plastic pellets. This can be commented on until January 17, 2024.

Our expert and focus topics

Our expert and focus topics
VDMA Specifications
VDMA Specifications are technical rules that are efficiently developed on a wide variety of topics in mechanical engineering within VDMA working groups.
Machinery Directive
The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC defines uniform health and safety requirements for machinery and equivalent products for free trade within the European Economic Area.
Product Safety EU
The regulations on the marketing of products, especially on product safety, are fully harmonised in the European Union. This applies by extension to the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Turkey, which have adopted the regulations on CE marking 1:1.
Product safety Non-EU
The continuous increase of national requirements for the product properties of complete machines and plants, but also for spare and wear parts, represents a particular challenge for the European mechanical and plant engineering industry with its high export rate.
When it comes to security at the VDMA, everything revolves around protecting machines and systems in production, manufacturing or intralogistics from attacks and disruptions. The aim of these organizational and technical protective measures is to develop cyber-resilient machines and systems and trustworthy services while reliably maintaining their permanent operation.
Circular Economy
The more people live on earth, the greater the demand for resources, the mountains of waste and the emission of climate gases are likely to become. In the future, it will no longer be enough to make raw material extraction and material processing more efficient.
Fire protection & smoke extraction
There are frequent reports of fire disasters in high-rise buildings, industrial buildings and areas where large numbers of people congregate: here, plant technology-related fire protection involving smoke protection pressure systems and mechanical smoke extraction systems not only ensures that people can safely evacuate the building, but also provides maximum support for the fire department while extinguishing fires.
Global production language
For us humans, language is a central means of communicating with each other. Language connects and enables understanding. And what about the machines in increasingly networked production? 

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"The legal provisions on digital operating instructions, assembly instructions, EU Declaration of Conformity and EU Declaration of Incorporation are important steps towards meeting the challenges of digitalization. The VDMA fully supports the EU Commission's decision to apply these provisions under the Machinery Directive 2006/2/EC, as this will make it possible to digitize these documents before 20 January 2027."

Thomas Kraus, Machinery Directive expert at VDMA

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billion euros

is the amount that the European mechanical engineering industry (EU-27) will have earned in 2022 from exports to the USA and the BRIC countries.

Source: VDMA

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung Technische Regelwerke

New EU Machinery Regulation
  • Digitalization is taken into account: operating instructions, assembly instructions, EU Declaration of Conformity and Declaration of Incorporation may be supplied digitally in accordance with the Commission Decision
  • Horizontal legal regulation on cybersecurity in the form of the Cyber Resilience Act instead of integration into the EU Machinery Regulation
  • Inclusion of the characteristics and legal consequences of a substantial change in the new regulation



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Experience the technologies that our industry is using to drive the digital transformation and decarbonization at Hannover Messe 2024! Over 4,000 companies will present pioneering solutions from mechanical and plant engineering, the electrical and digital industries and the energy sector. Numerous dialog formats with representatives from politics, industry, science, media and society will present and discuss challenges and solutions for the intelligent and carbon-neutral production of tomorrow.

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  • Management

Every four years, the VDMA invites its member companies to the big general assembly – this year under the motto "Unique."

Every four years, the VDMA invites its member companies to the big general assembly – this year under the motto "Unique."

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Unsere Leistungen
Machinery Directive Knowledge
VDMA members will find the necessary technical knowledge compactly compiled here
Machine Safety Standards Database
The machine safety standards database helps manufacturers and those applying standards navigate their way through the jungle of standards.
Database VDMA-Specifications
The VDMA-Specification Database contains the full text versions of the VDMA-Specification sheets.
Standards & VDMA Specifications – Technical Rules for the mechanical engineering industry
Standardization as a strategic instrument for corporate management is one of the core tasks of the VDMA.
VDMA Technology Policy Steering Committee and our working groups
The Technology Policy Steering Committee is responsible for the technology policy positioning of the mechanical and plant engineering industry. The "Machinery Directive", "Cybersecurity", "Occupational Health and Safety" and "Accreditation" working groups report to it. They draw up proposals for positioning the mechanical engineering industry in the respective subject areas, promote exchange between members and maintain close contact with political decision-makers and other trade associations.
Newsletter "Mechanical engineering standardization in China"
For the German mechanical engineering industry, China is one of the most important export markets. This newsletter provides you with information on current developments in the field of standardization and market access in China.
Official Guide Machinery Directive
German translation of the Guide to Application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC - Edition 2.2.
German Market Surveillance Forum (DMÜF)
All information on the Market Surveillance Forum's activities, which advises and supports the German government on market surveillance issues within the scope of Regulation (EC) No. 765/2008.
Continuing Education - Quality & Standardization
One aspect is always at the forefront when it comes to quality management issues: the goal of providing reliable and high quality to customers. Learn more about our current offerings in the area of quality and standardization and find the right training for you!



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