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Technical Regulations & Standardization
Technical regulations and standardization facilitate economic cooperation and the marketing of products at national and international level. Through the DIN Mechanical Engineering Standards Committee (NAM), the VDMA promotes the competitiveness of the mechanical engineering industry. In addition, the Standardization Department coordinates the preparation of VDMA specifications.

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Publication of the new machinery regulation

The text of the new EU Machinery Regulation, adopted in the Permanent Representatives Committee on January 25, 2023, is available for download.

Imports into the United Kingdom

Importers are to be given some relief when importing products into the UK. For example, duplicate testing is to be avoided over the next five years. However, legislative adjustments are still awaited.

Revision of the Machinery Directive

What are the implications for standardization of the proposal for revision of the Machinery Directive published by the European Commission?

Knowledge Machinery Directive

When CE marking machines, important instructions must be observed in order to fulfill the legal obligations. The VDMA has compiled these notes for practical use, which go beyond explanations in the official guide.

Statement on the EU Proposal for a Regulation on Machinery Products

The VDMA statement on the EU Commission's draft of 21 April for the EU Machinery Products Regulation is now available.

VDMA 24226:2023-07

LIN Profile for integrated Circulators

Draft VDMA 40001-3:2023-07

OPC UA for Machinery – Part 3: Job Management

PFAS ban from VDMA's point of view: position paper published

Due to environmental and potential health hazards, the EU intends to restrict the broad group of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) under the REACH regulation.

VDMA 40210:2023-07

OPC UA for Geometric Measurement Systems

Country-specific product requirements: Where does what apply?

Product labels, mandatory certifications and environmental requirements: Companies must consider local market access conditions and technical trade barriers when exporting to countries outside the EU.

Door Closed on the Net" campaign for more digital security in NRW companies

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia wants to raise awareness of cybersecurity and is providing financial support of up to 15,000 euros for investments.

Characteristic Value Libraries in the Format VDMA 66413

Manufacturer list of characteristic value libraries for VDMA 66413 specification "Functional Safety – Universal data format"

Impending PFAS ban - massive consequences for mechanical engineering and plant construction

Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS) are currently polarizing opinion. The EU has come out in favor of a blanket ban on around 10,000 chemicals in this group of substances. At first glance, a well-intentioned approach to protecting the environment, but the announcement puts important industries at risk.

Operational checks of fire dampers according to EN 15650

European Commission services confirm the Member States’ competence to determine the intervals for regular operational checks of fire dampers.

Draft VDMA 66426:2023-07

Reference planning process for the new planning of assembly systems with flexible unit numbers

Draft VDMA 40400-1:2023-06

OPC UA for Powertrain – Part 1: Asset Management

VDMA 15324:2023-06

Handling and processing of "lift alarms" initiated by the two way communication system

VDMA 40200:2023-06

OPC UA for weighing technology

NAM Annual Report 2022

The NAM annual report is now available for download.

VDMA: Initiation of an ISO ad hoc working group on cyber security

In the context of increasing connectivity of agricultural machinery, securing communication interfaces is of paramount importance to prevent cyber attacks.

China: Cross-border data transfer framework in force

In February 2023, the missing pieces of the Chinese cybersecurity framework puzzle were published. Compliance risks have increased enormously. VDMA's policy briefing provides a compact overview.

All information about our publication overview - compact and online

Our publications deal with various aspects of digitalization in mechanical engineering companies as well as cybersecurity and information security and serve as recommendations for action.

New: European business climate indicators as interactive report

Stay successful in a volatile market: VDMA offers an interactive report on European business climate indicators. Follow the developments of your most important European target markets and customer industries at a glance and make informed decisions based on current data.

VDMA battery event with great response

Under the heading "Battery legal requirements - From the BattG to the EU Battery Regulation", the VDMA held an event on March 20, 2023. Here is the most important in brief.

Digital, aber sicher – Wie Sie der Kostenfalle vorbeugen!

Sicher und schnell in die vernetzte Zukunft: Das braucht auch für den mittelständischen Maschinenbau kein Hexenwerk zu sein! Wirkungsvoll unterstützen können Datencenter.

VDMA 24498:2023-05

Noise emission measurement on die casting machines

Draft VDMA 40540:2023-05

OPC UA for Additive Manufacturing

Draft VDMA 40550-1:2023-05

OPC UA for Woodworking Machines – Part 1: Vertical Interface

Draft VDMA 40444:2023-05

OPC UA for Textile Testing Devices

VDMA 40001-2:2023-05

OPC UA for Machinery Part 2: Process Values

Draft VDMA 4315-9:2023-05

Turbomachinery and generators – Application of the principles of functional safety – Part 9: Risk assessment air cooled generators

New EU regulation machinery - current developments

On March 2, the competent committee in the EU Parliament approved the text of the new EU Regulation Machinery. The text was already approved by the Permanent Representatives Committee, thus it was adopted by the Council.

VDMA Webinfotag EU Machinery Regulation on 28 March 2023

The preliminary text of the new EU Machinery Regulation is available. Get an overview of the new legal requirements.

"Highest demands on indoor air quality"

Trade fair presents comprehensive solutions from refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology. Hotspot Indoor-Air provides information on the entire range of indoor air technology. Meet the expert: VDMA in dialogue on the most important entrepreneurial topics.

A lot of adaptation work

The Cranes and Hoists Steering Committee met for its annual meeting in Frankfurt to discuss current developments in standardization.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic machines: new challenges in the future

In pharmaceutical companies, the need for fast, lean processes is increasing. In this context, digitization can help shorten market entry times, while maintaining and even improving product quality. However, players must also arm themselves against threats.

Spring meeting of the working group of electrical engineers

On February 15, 2023, the spring meeting was held again in attendance at the VDMA in Frankfurt am Main, after a break due to Covid-19.

Draft VDMA 40001-1:2023-04

OPC UA for Machinery – Part 1: Basic Building Blocks

REACh restriction project on PFASs

On 07.02.2023 ECHA has pre-published the restriction dossier on the broad restriction of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

VDMA 15423:2023-04

Additional safety requirements and/or safety measures for semi-automatic power driven parking of motor vehicles

Collect, use and protect data

The digital transformation of industry needs a complete Digital Ecosystem. Data collection, processing, business models and data protection are the key challenges. Find out more at VDMA at Hannover Fair 2023, in Hall 15, Booth F28 .

ISH-relevant publications of the General Air Technology Association at a glance

Manufacturer and supplier directories, VDMA air filter information on filter classes and much more. We have prepared a selection of ISH-relevant VDMA publications for you. These are available for download here.

VDMA initiates ad hoc working group on cyber security

At the suggestion of VDMA, the ad hoc working group on cybersecurity will be formed in March 2023 in the Technical Committee ISO/TC23/SC19 Agricultural Electronics.

New publication: ISO 12509:2023

ISO 12509:2023 “Earth-moving machinery and rough-terrain trucks – Lighting, signalling and marking lights, and reflex reflectors“ was published by ISO.

VDMA 24774:2023-03

IT Security for Building Automation and Control Systems

NIS2: Mandatory cybersecurity requirements

The new version of the NIS directive will in future oblige manufacturers of "critical products" such as machines or control components to implement cybersecurity in their own operating environment.

Draft VDMA 24186-4:2023-03

Program of services for the maintenance of technical systems and equipment in buildings – Part 4: Measurement and control equipment and building automation and control systems

Cybersecure procurement of machinery and equipment

The VDMA Supply Chain Security specification gives purchasers a standard-compliant aid to minimum requirements in accordance with IEC 62443, simplifying the process for both sides without sacrificing security.

New publication: ISO 13459:2012/Amd 1:2022

ISO 13459:2012/Amd 1:2022 “Earth-moving machinery – Trainer seat – Deflection limiting volume, space envelope and performance requirements – Amendment 1“ was published by ISO.

REACH-PFAS restriction: Cefic-Ricardo study on economic impact

Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, plans to commission a study on the economic impact of the planned PFAS restriction. Input from VDMA member companies is also sought.

Our expert and focus topics

Our expert and focus topics
Machinery Directive
The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC defines uniform health and safety requirements for machinery and equivalent products for free trade within the European Economic Area.
When it comes to security at the VDMA, everything revolves around protecting machines and systems in production, manufacturing or intralogistics from attacks and disruptions. The aim of these organizational and technical protective measures is to develop cyber-resilient machines and systems and trustworthy services while reliably maintaining their permanent operation.
Circular Economy
The more people live on earth, the greater the demand for resources, the mountains of waste and the emission of climate gases are likely to become. In the future, it will no longer be enough to make raw material extraction and material processing more efficient.
Fire protection & smoke extraction
There are frequent reports of fire disasters in high-rise buildings, industrial buildings and areas where large numbers of people congregate: here, plant technology-related fire protection involving smoke protection pressure systems and mechanical smoke extraction systems not only ensures that people can safely evacuate the building, but also provides maximum support for the fire department while extinguishing fires.
Global production language
For us humans, language is a central means of communicating with each other. Language connects and enables understanding. And what about the machines in increasingly networked production? 

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"The proposed legal provisions on digital operating instructions and EU declarations of conformity are important steps towards being able to meet the challenges of digitalization. Therefore, the assembly instructions and declaration of incorporation for partly completed machinery should also be allowed to be provided in digital form."

Thomas Kraus, Machinery Directive expert at VDMA

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billion euros

was recorded by the European mechanical engineering sector (EU-27) in sales to the USA and the BRIC countries in 2020.

Source: VDMA

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung Technische Regelwerke

New version of the Machinery Directive
  • More extensive amendments to Annex I of the Machinery Directive are to be avoided
  • Horizontal legislation on cybersecurity rather than integrating it into the Machinery Directive
  • The legal areas of product safety and occupational safety are also to be extended into the area of cybersecurity


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Machinery Directive Knowledge
VDMA members will find the necessary technical knowledge compactly compiled here
Machine Safety Standards Database
The machine safety standards database helps manufacturers and those applying standards navigate their way through the jungle of standards.
Database VDMA-Specifications
The VDMA-Specification Database contains the full text versions of the VDMA-Specification sheets.
SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Standard
Download: The current occupational health and safety standard COVID 19 from the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
Standards & VDMA Specifications – Technical Rules for the mechanical engineering industry
Standardization as a strategic instrument for corporate management is one of the core tasks of the VDMA.
VDMA Technology Policy Steering Committee and our working groups
The Technology Policy Steering Committee is responsible for the technology policy positioning of the mechanical and plant engineering industry. The "Machinery Directive", "Cybersecurity", "Occupational Health and Safety" and "Accreditation" working groups report to it. They draw up proposals for positioning the mechanical engineering industry in the respective subject areas, promote exchange between members and maintain close contact with political decision-makers and other trade associations.
Newsletter "Mechanical engineering standardization in China"
For the German mechanical engineering industry, China is one of the most important export markets. This newsletter provides you with information on current developments in the field of standardization and market access in China.
Official Guide Machinery Directive
German translation of the Guide to Application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC - Edition 2.2.
German Market Surveillance Forum (DMÜF)
All information on the Market Surveillance Forum's activities, which advises and supports the German government on market surveillance issues within the scope of Regulation (EC) No. 765/2008.
Continuing Education - Quality & Standardization
One aspect is always at the forefront when it comes to quality management issues: the goal of providing reliable and high quality to customers. Learn more about our current offerings in the area of quality and standardization and find the right training for you!



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