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Technical Regulations & Standardization
Technical regulations and standardization facilitate economic cooperation and the marketing of products at national and international level. Through the DIN Mechanical Engineering Standards Committee (NAM), the VDMA promotes the competitiveness of the mechanical engineering industry. In addition, the Standardization Department coordinates the preparation of VDMA specifications.

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Knowledge Machinery Directive

When CE marking machines, important instructions must be observed in order to fulfill the legal obligations. The VDMA has compiled these notes for practical use, which go beyond explanations in the official guide.

Revision of the Machinery Directive

What are the implications for standardization of the proposal for revision of the Machinery Directive published by the European Commission?

New EU Machinery Directive - Draft published

The EU Commission has published the draft of the new EU Machinery Directive. Now the negotiations in the Council and the European Parliament start.

Further funds for the energetic refurbishment of buildings

Against the background of the Federal Climate Protection Act, the funds in the "Federal Support for Efficient Buildings (BEG)" will be increased.

International approval application still under discussion

Use of chromium trioxide in the decorative sector - VDMA advocates its use

Amended KTW-BWGL until 15.12.2021 for notification to EU Commission

Tricky point "summation": UBA considers VDMA demand

UKCA mandatory labelling in the UK: Additional technical requirements for products are not expected for the time being

Interview with Dr. Frank Wohnsland, VDMA Process Engineering Department

Statement on the EU Proposal for a Regulation on Machinery Products

The VDMA statement on the EU Commission's draft of 21 April for the EU Machinery Products Regulation is now available.

New series of standards in Geometric Product Specification

With the 3-part ISO 21920, new requirements for Geometric Product Specification will soon be formulated.

Cybersecurity in capital letters

Steffen Zimmermann in an interview in the podcast "Digital genial" by proAlpha

VDMA 34193:2021-11

Serialization/Identification of tools and tool clamping devices

VDMA 40550-1:2021-11

OPC UA for Woodworking Machines – Part 1: Vertical Interface

What does standardization say about the new Machinery Regulation?

In parallel with the publication of the proposal for a new Machinery Regulation, the European Commission has launched a public consultation to gather feedback from stakeholders.

VDMA 24227:2021-11

Pumps – Requirements according explosion protection of dry installed pumps conveying inflammable liquids

New Publication: ISO 10261:2021

The standard ISO 10261:2021 “Earth-moving machinery – Product identification numbering system“ was published by ISO.

UK NMO opts out of conformity assessment

Since leaving the EU, the UK Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has reconsidered its role as a conformity assessment body (CAB) for metrology products.

Changeover from CE markings to UKCA markings

Extension of the transition period for UKCA

Max, Min, e solely shown in a display

Is the NAWID open to new technologies or does it hinder digitization?

Messages to politicians for the 2021 federal election

15 entrepreneurs from NRW each supported one of the messages with their own video statements, which were presented online to the candidates for the Bundestag.

OPC UA Geometrical Measuring Systems (GMS)

First draft of Companion Specification available in January 2022.

Proof of compatibility for scales online

Non-automatic weighing instruments subject to legal metrology verification must have a compatibility certificate confirming that the weighing modules used (indicator, load cell, connecting cables) are compatible with each other.

New guidelines for dealing with security vulnerabilities in China

On September 1, 2021, the Data Security Law and the new requirements for dealing with vulnerabilities in networked products came into force in China. VDMA has already prepared a policy briefing on the Data Security Law. Together with the company Sinolytics, the VDMA is now also offering a policy briefing exclusively for VDMA members on the requirements for dealing with vulnerabilities.

Good indoor air quality is always important

Optimal and virus-free indoor air quality has been in the public discussion since the Corona pandemic. In the latest episode of the VDMA podcast, we discuss the technologies and devices that are out there in the field for good indoor air climate.

Database "Machinery safety standards"

The database "Machinery safety standards" helps manufacturers and users of standards to find their way through the jungle of standards.

Dates Oil Gas Petrochemistry Climate Neutral Gases and Chemistry

Here you will find current VDMA events and dates relating to the oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical plant engineering markets as well as "green" and climate-neutral gases and chemicals.

Standards are essential

The DIN Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering (NAM) supported by VDMA represents the interests of VDMA members in European and international standardization.

VDMA Business Report Power Transmission Engineering

The digital business report reflects the variety of products and services offered by the association as well as its work results of the last four years.

EU initiative for a standardization strategy

In June 2021, the EU presented a roadmap for a European standardization strategy. The VDMA fully supports the content of Orgalim's and BusinessEurope's comments on this.

Amendment to the StVZO

Now only one pair of "front flashers" allowed on firefighting vehicles - Grandfathering applies to firefighting vehicles that were placed on the market before July 3, 2021.

CE marking for imports into the United Kingdom

Products will continue to be able to be imported into the UK with CE marking until 1 January 2023. This now officially confirmed news had reached us from several sources.

New version of the Machinery Directive - VDMA Web Infoday

What can manufacturers expect when the new EU regulation on machinery products comes into force? When and with what content could it come? The VDMA Web Infoday shows how manufacturers can prepare.

Functional safety is not a book with seven seals

Rather, functional safety is one of several important aspects that must be considered and determined after a thorough risk assessment.

Cranes - Wire ropes - Maintenance and repair, inspection and filing

ISO 4309:2017-11: Cranes - Wire ropes - Care and maintenance, inspection and discard

Infoday Hygienic Design (basic event) on 12 and 14 October 2021 (online)

The "Infotag Hygienic Design - Basic Event" cannot take place as usual this year. We will again offer the most important contents exclusively for VDMA members in a web seminar series. The lecture series consists of several parts.

Revion of VDMA Document No. 6

The IVLV/VDMA document "Hygienic filling machines of class V according to VDMA: Testing of packaging sterilisation devices for their efficiency" has been revised.

VDMA 24395:2021-10

Surface Technology – Flash-off booths – Safety requirements

Product Safety Act and Act on Installations Requiring Surveillance

The new Product Safety Act achieves two objectives: the provisions on market surveillance and the requirements for the operation of installations requiring surveillance are separated.

Protect essential knowledge and know-how

In future, the digital product passport is to include all important environmental and material data of a product along its entire life cycle. VDMA sees opportunities and challenges in this concept and calls for the involvement of the industry.

VDMA 40600:2021-10

OPC UA for Weihenstephan Standards

Draft VDMA 24000:2021-10

Operational checks of fire dampers

News from the Reglewerk

Here you will find the current status of CEN and ISO standards.

Safety Components & UKCA Certification


Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances - Consultation on possible restrictions

5 EU member states (including Germany) want to largely restrict the production, marketing and use of "per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances" (PFAS) in the EU.

Characteristic Value Libraries in the Format VDMA 66413

Manufacturer list of characteristic value libraries for VDMA 66413 specification "Functional Safety – Universal data format".

Ecodesign Directive and energy consumption labelling

The Ecodesign Directive for commercial refrigerated cabinets came into force on 1 March. The new information brochure of the Refrigerated Display Cabinet Group provides case distinctions and explanations.

New Publication: ISO/TS 21815-2

The standard ISO/TR 21815-2 “Earth-moving machinery – Collision warning and avoidance – Part 2: On-board J1939 communication interface“ was published by ISO.

New Publication: ISO 15878

The standard ISO 15878 “Road construction and maintenance equipment – Paver-finishers – Commercial specifications“ was published by ISO.

TA Luft - Comparison old/new

Valve relevant changes compact for VDMA members

Draft VDMA 66419:2021-09

Modular systems in shipbuilding – Support for engineering and commissioning of plants

VDMA 40250-1:2021-09

OPC UA for Compressed Air Systems - Part 1: Main Control Systems

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VDMA Specifications
VDMA Specifications are technical rules that are efficiently developed on a wide variety of topics in mechanical engineering within VDMA working groups.
Product safety Non-EU
The continuous increase of national requirements for the product properties of complete machines and plants, but also for spare and wear parts, represents a particular challenge for the European mechanical and plant engineering industry with its high export rate.
When it comes to security at the VDMA, everything revolves around protecting machines and systems in production, manufacturing or intralogistics from attacks and disruptions. The aim of these organizational and technical protective measures is to develop cyber-resilient machines and systems and trustworthy services while reliably maintaining their permanent operation.
Fire protection & smoke extraction
There are frequent reports of fire disasters in high-rise buildings, industrial buildings and areas where large numbers of people congregate: here, plant technology-related fire protection involving smoke protection pressure systems and mechanical smoke extraction systems not only ensures that people can safely evacuate the building, but also provides maximum support for the fire department while extinguishing fires.

To the point

To the point

Auf den Punkt Zitat Technical Regulations

"The proposed legal provisions on digital operating instructions and EU declarations of conformity are important steps towards being able to meet the challenges of digitalization. Therefore, the assembly instructions and declaration of incorporation for partly completed machinery should also be allowed to be provided in digital form."

Thomas Kraus, Machinery Directive expert at VDMA

Auf den Punkt Zahl Technical Regulations


billion euros

was the estimated machinery turnover in the European Economic Area (EEA) in 2020.

Source: National Statistical Offices, Eurostat, UN, CMIF, VDMA own calculations and estimations

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung Technische Regelwerke

New version of the Machinery Directive
  • More extensive amendments to Annex I of the Machinery Directive are to be avoided
  • Horizontal legislation on cybersecurity rather than integrating it into the Machinery Directive
  • The legal areas of product safety and occupational safety are also to be extended into the area of cybersecurity

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Other VDMA Services
Machinery Directive Knowledge
VDMA members will find the necessary technical knowledge compactly compiled here
Machine Safety Standards Database
The machine safety standards database helps manufacturers and those applying standards navigate their way through the jungle of standards.
Database VDMA-Specifications
The VDMA-Specification Database contains the full text versions of the VDMA-Specification sheets.
SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Standard
Download: The current occupational health and safety standard COVID 19 from the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
VDMA Technology Policy Steering Committee
The Technology Policy Steering Committee is responsible for positioning the mechanical engineering industry in terms of technology policy, particularly in the areas of product and occupational safety, standardization policy, cybersecurity, accreditation, conformity assessment, market surveillance and the New Legislative Framework. The focus lies on legislative initiatives in the European Union as well as in third countries. The Steering Committee is supported by the Machinery Directive, Cybersecurity, Accreditation and Occupational Health and Safety Working Groups.
Our working groups
The working groups on the Machinery Directive, Cybersecurity, Occupational Health and Safety and Accreditation submit reports on technology policies to the VDMA Steering Committee and develop proposals for the mechanical engineering industry's stances in their respective subject areas. The working groups promote exchange between members and maintain close contact with policymakers and other trade associations.
Newsletter "Mechanical engineering standardization in China"
For the German mechanical engineering industry, China is one of the most important export markets. This newsletter provides you with information on current developments in the field of standardization and market access in China.
Official Guide Machinery Directive
German translation of the Guide to Application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC - Edition 2.2.
German Market Surveillance Forum (DMÜF)
All information on the Market Surveillance Forum's activities, which advises and supports the German government on market surveillance issues within the scope of Regulation (EC) No. 765/2008.
Continuing Education - Quality & Standardization
One aspect is always at the forefront when it comes to quality management issues: the goal of providing reliable and high quality to customers. Learn more about our current offerings in the area of quality and standardization and find the right training for you!



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