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New drive technologies, new fuels and transportation solutions: Tomorrow's mobility is cross-linked, resource-saving, efficient - and an opportunity for mechanical engineering. Since with adapted business models and technologies, companies in Germany can successfully shape the change in drive systems and generate additional value.

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Aus unseren Inhalten

Aus unseren Inhalten
Vehicle Electrification and Transformation of the Industry

The third edition of the study series deals with the electrification of the powertrain and its impact on the industry.

Check insurance cover now

Implementation of EU Directive 2021/2118: Introduction of compulsory insurance for self-propelled work machines with a maximum design speed above 6 - 20 km/h on public roads.

The drone delivers

As part of a research project in the Odenwald, food can be ordered online and delivered to remote villages by drone and cargo bike.

AUMA: Introduction of ETIAS postponed to 2025

The EU Commission has postponed the introduction of an electronic entry system - similar to the US ESTA - once again. The new launch date is set for May 2025.

Technology and Research Day

Machinery regulations, research, digitalisation, standardisation - these are all highly relevant topics for the construction machinery sector.

Practical conference on Power-to-X enters its 3rd round

A specialist conference dedicated to technical issues relating to hydrogen and P2X will be held for the third time in 2024.

Mobile robotics: Recommendations for signaling

Standardized and comprehensible signals can increase safety and acceptance when people encounter mobile robots and automated vehicles. A proposal for standardized signalling is now available for the first time.

Ramp-up of green fuels for aviation and shipping

Together with Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann, we have now provided information at an event in Brussels.

"The EU's attitude of refusal is preventing the green energy import"

Shipping and aviation should make their contribution to achieving climate targets, in particular through the use of CO2-neutral fuels. But there are serious problems.

Synthetic fuels: Import impossible?

The energy transition can only succeed with synthetic fuels as a partner to renewable energies. However, current EU law stands in the way of importing these resources to Europe.

Follow-up of "Robotics and Automation meets Hydrogen Technology"

In order to achieve the predicted political goals in the field of hydrogen, the "robotics and automation" sector will become a decisive player for the necessary scaling of hydrogen production capacities.

Fit for 55

We have looked at, summarized and assessed the legislation from the European Fit for 55 that touches on P2X.

13th Colloquium Mobile Hydraulics 8-9.10.2024 in Karlsruhe, Germany

Digitalization, sustainability as well as increasing competition with other drive technologies pose challenges for mobile hydraulics. At the colloquium, the latest concepts, solutions and developments will be presented and discussed.

Connectivity at your fingertips

Mahr GmbH presents two digital calipers on loan to umati. The handy demonstrators will make the benefits of the OPC UA interface standard tangible at events worldwide in the future.

Tackling emissions reduction with an open approach to technology

In a joint letter, a broad alliance is calling on the German government to commit to a technology-neutral approach in the negotiations on CO2 emission standards for heavy commercial vehicles in the EU Council of Ministers.

Significant tightening of the AQD

At the end of 2021, the WHO presented new guideline values for ambient air quality, and in October 2022, the EU Commission presented a proposal to revise the Air Quality Directive (AQD). Now the EU Parliament has adopted drastic tightening measures.

VDMA EMINT and OE-A participate in PFAS consultation

VDMA EMINT and OE-A are taking a stand for their members and have participated in the consultation on the PFAS restriction.

"We need a sustainable fuel strategy"

Promoting alternative drives and fuels in agriculture

Away from fossil fuels in agricultural technology

The agricultural machinery industry acts as an enabler of climate-friendly drives in agribusiness. In a position paper that has just been published, VDMA Agricultural Machinery defines the framework for alternative fuels and drives in agriculture.

European mechanical engineering as an enabler for electromobility!

On September 11, the Department of Battery Production and Hybrid Lightweight Technologies conducted an exciting event on the topic of electromobility in Detroit.

Open letter on eFuels

Companies and associations along the eFuels value chain have now written a joint open letter to German Transport Minister Volker Wissing

"Potential of drones far from exhausted"

Drones offer interesting potential applications in the industrial environment. Nevertheless, they still rarely take off here. Those who shy away from the regulatory burden can rely on external support.

GreenTech from mechanical and plant engineering

Battery production and lightweight technologies in focus at VDMA networking event on 11 September 2023 in Detroit

Brochure "Production of electrolyzer systems"

Electrolysis systems play a crucial role in the hydrogen economy

Fast and safe inspection of cement plants by drone

The bird's eye view and powerful camera technology make drones highly interesting for mechanical and plant engineering as well. An example from thyssenkrupp Polysius GmbH shows what this can look like in practice.

German hydrogen strategy at a glance

Hydrogen is the only way to make industry and transportation climate-friendly. The German government wants to support the market ramp-up with its hydrogen strategy, among other things.

Fuel EU Maritime: strong signal for more climate protection on the high seas

Quickly reducing greenhouse gas emissions on the high seas is the central goal of the Fuel EU Maritime Regulation, which has now been adopted by the European Council.

"Building the hydrogen economy needs more speed"

The National Hydrogen Strategy is an important building block for achieving the climate targets and offers good opportunities for the mechanical engineering sector to contribute its expertise. However, this adaptation comes plenty late.

Wireless connectivity - added value for machine and plant engineering

Wireless communication technologies have evolved rapidly in terms of reliability, data volume, power consumption or latency, opening up huge opportunities for machine builders.

15th International Conference E-MOTIVE

The International Conference on Electric Vehicle Drives and E-Mobility will be held in Schweinfurt, Germany, Sept. 27-28, 23.

IEA proposes hydrogen classes based on emissions

In preparation for the G7 Summit in Japan, the IEA drafted a classification system for hydrogen, based on emissions released in the manufacturing process.

Key topics of bauma 2025

Digitalisation and sustainability - these are the trendsetting requirements for our industry, which are reflected in the five key topics of bauma 2025.

EV Outlook 2023 Analysis

In its EV Outlook 2023, the IEA presents current trends in the global EV market. This has continued to grow strongly over the past year and is driving further innovation.

Laser applications in battery production

In cooperation with VDMA Battery Production, Fraunhofer FFB has conducted an application study on laser applications in battery production. The results are published here in full exclusively for VDMA members.

Review VDMA Annual Conference 2023 of the Battery Production Department

Around 170 participants, a wealth of current information and news on the topic of battery production, and positive feedback across the board - these were the conclusion of the 2023 Annual Conference of the Battery Production Department's.

General Meeting Fluid Power Research Fund 2023

During the non-public general meeting of the Fluid Technology Research Fund on June 15, 2023, research bodies presented proposals for precompetitive joint research projects.

Associations for better conditions for large and heavy transports

The VDMA has joined forces with another 30 associations and organizations of the German economy in the Association Initiative for Large and Heavy Transport (VI GST) to bring about improvements in large and heavy transports (GST).

The VDMA Fuel Cells Working Group at hy-fcell 2023

Experience innovative technology trends and creative design ideas around hydrogen and fuel cells at hy-fcell Stuttgart from September 13-14, 2023.

CSR reporting in mechanical and plant engineering

The strategic anchoring of sustainability in the company is gaining in importance: Increasing transparency obligations with regard to sustainability will in future also affect medium-sized companies to some extent.

14th IFK 2024 - Sustainable Productivity

The 14th IFK will take place from March 19 to 21, 2024 in Dresden and is one of the world's most important conferences in the field of fluid-mechatronic drive, control and regulation technology.

RED II delegated acts enter into force

In order for the use of hydrogen and derivatives to be recognized in the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII), two legal acts in particular are important. They now enter into force.

VDMA Expert Group Europe: Decarbonization - complexity increases

At the inaugural meeting of the VDMA Expert Group Europe on May 16, process technology members exchanged views for the first time on the market development of oil gas petrochemicals H2/biogas/LNG specifically in D-A-CH and EUROPE. Topics were current trends in plant engineering, decarbonization, chemical recycling and future focal points of the expert group.

Using drones to inspire STEM

A different way of arousing interest in technical professions: at the DroneMasters Academy, children and young people discover future technologies in an exciting way - with drones.

EMINT key technologies spring survey: continued positive development expected

According to the EMINT Spring 2023 Business Climate Survey, all EMINT industries remain optimistic about 2023.

"Flying Sprinters" for logistics

Use cases for drone applications in logistics to keep in mind.

Costs and approval times are a massive burden on the location

Clear need for action on transport routes and approval procedures. Only if the transport infrastructure is right can goods reach the customer and the place of use. This also applies in particular to large and heavy technologies for implementing the energy transition.

Wind energy from the North Sea

So far, the offshore potential of the North Sea has remained largely untapped. Now the littoral states want to make speed - and double the wind energy output.

VDMA Construction Site Day: Construction Site Personnel as a Success Factor

The 14th VDMA Construction Site Day 2023 took place on 25 and 26 May in Frankfurt. With a high-profile programme, this annual event is an excellent networking opportunity.

Delegation Green Gases Italy - apply now!

From November - 10, 2023, we will visit Italy's gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries to exchange ideas on supply security and climate-neutral solutions. Visits and presentations to EPCs and industry companies in Milan & Ravenna cluster.

Minister Madsen meets machine builder

The mechanical and plant engineering industry in Schleswig-Holstein demands a clear commitment to Schleswig-Holstein as an industrial location from politicians and expects support in reducing bureaucracy and setting sensible framework conditions.

Our expert and focus topics

Our expert and focus topics
Digitization alone cannot solve key challenges such as climate protection and resource scarcity. The biologization of industry offers another dimension to Industry 4.0 and a perspective on the future of production. Mechanical engineering plays a key role in this and offers a huge toolbox for biological processes and mechanisms. VDMA focus topic deals with technological solutions for transferring and integrating biology into the world of industrial application.
Electromobility, fuel cells, Power2X - The change in mobility is multi-layered and in the future there will not be just one type of drive on the market. This poses new challenges for the entire industry.
Fuel cell innovation cluster
The innovation cluster for large-scale production of fuel cell stacks (GO-Start BZ) is to support the potentials of an industrialization of stack production in Germany.
Fuel cell
Fuel cells play a central role in CO2-neutral energy supply and are part of national hydrogen strategies.
Standort Deutschland
Many medium-sized mechanical engineering companies have regional roots and are highly competitive internationally from their home region. To ensure that this remains the case, excellent site conditions and a good industrial policy are absolutely essential.

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To the point

To the point

Auf den Punkt Zitat - Mobility

"Considering the diversity of mobility which requires future-proof drives, there is no way around being technologically open-minded."

Hartmut Rauen, VDMA Deputy Executive Director

Auf den Punkt Zahl - Mobility


million of 128 million vehicles

will be equipped with a battery or fuel cell electric powertrain worldwide in 2040.

Source: VDMA-Studie „Antrieb im Wandel – Auswirkungen der Brennstoffzellentechnologie auf den Maschinen- und Anlagenbau und die Zulieferindustrie“

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung - Mobilität

Power-to-X (P2X) needs a robust strategy for the future
  • In order to be internationally compatible, German plant engineering must establish technological leadership in the field of P2X plants.
  • The foundation for this lies in a strong domestic market from which to further develop technologies and establish new value chains.
  • The Federal Government should work at the EU level to ensure that in future, the level of energy taxes will be determined by the CO2 intensity of the energy sources.



Tue. 26.11.24 Wed. 27.11.24

  • Power-to-X

The second "From Production to Application: The #P2X Conference" will focus on practical and technical challenges along the entire value chain of hydrogen and derived products.

Places available

Unsere Leistungen

Unsere Leistungen
Brochure: Lithium-ion battery systems in industrial trucks
This free brochure describes the use of lithium-ion technology for industrial trucks and outlines solutions for applying it safely within companies.
Fuel Cells Working Group
The VDMA Fuel Cells Working Group seeks to successfully establish fuel technologies in Germany and position them on global markets. The working group therefore represents the industry's political interests in Germany and increasingly also abroad.
Our motto is "Produce Future Mobility", and we are bundling the VDMA's diverse competences to prepare member companies for the future of mobility and to support them in their efforts to change.
Mobile Machinery Forum
The Mobile Machinery Forum (Mobima) promotes the exchange between OEMs and suppliers at a neutral association level. It facilitates the reconciliation of positions across sectors as well as the initiation of joint projects. Current information is available for download in the regularly published "Mobima Bulletin".
CO2 study by CECE and CEMA (English)
The agricultural and construction machinery industry has had an impressive track record of increasing energy efficiency over the last 50 years. The study "Optimizing our industry 2 reduce emissions" answers the question of how to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in particular CO2, in the coming years.
Working Group Machines in Construction MIC 4.0
The Machines in Construction MIC4.0 working group is defining the foundation for machine-to-X communication and developing legally compliant structures for collaboration in the use of machine and process data. All companies interested in the topic of digitalizing construction machinery can become members of the working group.
Working Group Power-to-X for Applications
The VDMA Working Group Power-to-X for Applications are the cross-industry information, communication and cooperation platform for the P2X community and involve stakeholders from development and production to the end user.
Working Group Industrial Drone Solutions
Unmanned flying robots offer numerous application possibilities in logistic and industrial environments. The VDMA Working Group Industrial Drone Solutions is the networking and decision-making platform for all industrial drone suppliers and interested parties.

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Arbeitsgemeinschaft Machines in Construction 4.0
Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e.V.

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