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The VDMA statistics database offers all VDMA member companies fast and convenient access to economic information on all aspects of mechanical engineering. The use of the VDMA Order Intake and Sales Statistics Germany is exclusively reserved for those companies that participate in the survey.




Welcome to the VDMA statistics database

Welcome to the VDMA statistics database

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  • Price Statistics
The VDMA economists regularly evaluate relevant price indices for the mechanical engineering sector down to the individual goods level. On the one hand, the indices reflect the development of prices at machinery manufacturers, but they also provide a good orientation for the cost development of important intermediate products such as metals and metal products, but also plastics and electronic components.

Tutorials on the VDMA statistics database

Aus unseren Inhalten

Aus unseren Inhalten
Price development now as an interactive report

The situation in most mechanical engineering companies is currently characterized by the tense situation with materials and preliminary products. Not only disrupted supply chains are causing problems, but also the sharp rise in prices.

Information on foreign trade in machinery

Here you can find information about the modules "Foreign trade in machinery (annual values)" and "German, EU27 and UK foreign trade in machinery (monthly values)" of the VDMA statistics database.

Official Industry and Commodity Classifications

How are official statistics structured? Can comments to the headings be found?

ifo Business Survey

The ifo Business Survey regularly provides indicators that allow an assessment of the economic development as well as the mood in companies. These so-called leading indicators can provide important information for assessing the future course of business.

Update: Interactive Macro Facts Report now with new data

This web report provides an overview of the most important macroeconomic data for all countries in the world - including forecasts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and information on the business environment. In April, the application received a major data update.

Key figures of foreign subsidiaries

Our new interactive report on foreign affiliates provides information on the number of subsidiaries as well as their employees and turnover - by EU reporting country and by industry. Get an insight into the investment structure of your target markets.

Process Engineering: Price indices - Monthly update

With a monthly update, which is exclusively available for download to VDMA member companies, we inform you about the development of the price indices for goods in the field of process engineering.

Statistics service: Compact presentation of valve key figures

As an important service, VDMA Armaturen offers member companies regular updates on important industry facts concerning the building and industrial valves industry.

Ordinary 1st quarter 2023

In March, domestic orders placed by Saarland's machinery and plant manufacturers rose for the third month in succession, resulting in a year-on-year increase of 11.8 percent for the 1st quarter.

231 fire fighting vehicle registrations in April

In April 2023, 231 fire-fighting vehicles were newly registered in Germany.

Good start to the year until February 2023

In the first two months of 2023, orders received by mechanical engineering companies in Hesse had strong fluctuations. Domestic new orders increased by 25.9 percent in January and decreased by 16.9 percent in February.

Process engineering: Data sheet external trade of machines

Development of German exports of mechanical engineering/process engineering machinery and apparatus, country shares, most important machinery supplier countries incl. goods shares, EU exports

Process Engineering: Order Intake & Sales March 2023

In March 2023, incoming orders are higher than in the same month last year, while sales are below the previous year's level.

Mechanical engineering NRW: Orders remain weak in March

In March 2023, order intake in the mechanical and plant engineering sector in North Rhine-Westphalia fell 10 percent short of its prior-year result.

Incoming orders in eastern Germany increase significantly in March

The monthly figures on order intake in the eastern German machinery and plant engineering sector supplement our quarterly trend survey. The situation brightened in March 2023.

High order backlog, but orders decline

The eastern German machinery and plant engineering sector has made a reasonable start to 2023, but is also benefiting from a high order backlog. Despite a decline in new orders, the mood is hopeful.

Very good start to the year

The first two months of 2023 have been good for order intake at Saarland's machinery and plant manufacturers: 11 percent growth in domestic orders, 4.2 percent and 5.6 percent respectively in foreign orders.

Quite a good start to the year

Foreign order intake in the machinery and plant engineering sector in Rhineland-Palatinate has been declining since June 2022. This also applies to January and February 2023, so that the declines accumulate to 11% by February 2023.

18th VDMA flash survey: results for process engineering

The majority of companies in the process engineering sector are cautiously optimistic to upbeat about 2023 and expect nominal sales growth. There is relief in the supply chains, but serious bottlenecks in the supply of electronic components remain.

Berlin catches up in 2022, Brandenburg with good results

Berlin's mechanical engineering companies have returned to growth in 2022. Brandenburg's companies lost ground compared with the previous year's impressive result, but achieved a good level.

Process Engineering: Order Intake & Sales February 2023

For the second month of the year, order intake remains below last year's level. Sales are up compared to February 2022.

Mechanical Engineering NRW: February weakens

New orders in the mechanical and plant engineering sector in North Rhine-Westphalia in February 2023 fell 10 percent short of the previous year's figure.

Incoming orders in eastern Germany: February also restrained

The monthly figures on order intake in the eastern German machinery and plant engineering sector supplement our quarterly trend survey. In February 2023, foreign and domestic orders were far apart.

Expert topics

Expert topics
Mechanical and plant engineering figures and charts
The statistically recordable world of mechanical and plant engineering - newly presented in interactive charts and tables. Find out about all the key economic figures for the industry and, in particular detail, about the development of the EU Single Market.
VDMA Infoportal Ukraine War
The machinery and plant engineering sector condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms. The VDMA supporta its member companies in word and deed in order to master the many challenges that are arising.
Benchmarking is an instrument of controlling and corporate management for the analysis of processes, corporate success and developments.
Finance & Controlling
Globalization, digital transformation and the associated dynamics have substantial effects on Finance and Controlling. To ensure that the sector can continue to set the pace for value-added innovation in the future, new processes and competencies are required that enable secure, data-driven decisions based on resilient analyses and real-time forecasts.
Securing skilled workers
Almost 60 percent of employees in the mechanical and plant engineering sector are skilled workers. Alongside engineers, they shape the role of mechanical and plant engineering as a decisive enabler for green technologies.
Export Topics
The VDMA provides support on the most important export-related issues, such as customs, export financing and export control. We also monitor and accompany developments in global trade policy.


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of companies in the mechanical engineering sector reported a production constraint due to a shortage of skilled workers in July 2022

Source: ifo Institute

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