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Chinese National Standards

423 voluntary Chinese national standards and 23 mandatory standards were approved. 49 mandatory standard project plans are released. 266 voluntary standards are or are going to be abolished.

CCC Implementation Rules

Revised CCC Implementation Rules for Explosion Protected Electrical Products, Cable and Wires, Household and Similar Electrical Appliances and, Low-voltage apparatus are notified through WTO/TBT.

Testing Standards for China RoHS

Eight standards are implemented for the test and certification of China RoHS. This is also a preparation for the implementation of China RoHS 3.0.

Product Catalogue of China Energy Labeling (16th batch)

The welding machine and 2 other products shall be labelled with China Energy Labeling starting from June 2024. Implementation Rules of China Energy Labeling for AC Contactors and Monitors are revised.

Chinese Catalogues for Import and Export Control

A series of import and export-related catalogues are released.

Draft Standard of Industrial Machines Safety

Draft of Electrical equipment and system of industrial machines-Safety requirements is released for public comments.

Chinese National Standards

468 voluntary Chinese national standards and 12 mandatory standards were approved. Two mandatory standard drafts are released for public comments.

WTO Notifications: Minimum values of energy efficiency

Three energy efficiency standards for motors and power transformers are revised and notified through WTO/TBT. They are the referenced standards for China Energy Label (CEL).

Product Catalogue-Urban Rail Transit Equipment Certification

The Product Catalogue-Urban Rail Transit Equipment Certification (2nd Batch) was released, including permanent magnet synchronous motor, traction transformer, and a total of 19 categories of products.

Nameplate requirements for machinery sectors

According to the draft of Product Quality Law released in October, the information requirements of nameplates will be more specific, if this draft is going to be approved.

Chinese National Standards

106 mandatory standards and 583 voluntary Chinese national standards were approved.

CCC Catalogue (2023 version)

The CCC Catalogue (2023 version) has been issued.

Standards about Cybersecurity Products

Standards support the testing and certification of critical network equipment and specialized cybersecurity products.

Catalogue of Critical Network and Network Security Products

The Product Catalogue of Critical Network Equipmentand Specialized Network Security Products has been updated in July 2023.

Requirements on Network Security Products

Requirements on critical network equipment and specialized network security products have been updated gradually.

New Industry Standardization Plan (2023-2035)

This Implementation Plan is released to support the development of new industries.

Machinery-Related Draft Mandatory Standards and Project Plans

A batch of draft mandatory standards released.

Chinese National Standards

431 voluntary Chinese national standards were approved.

The Hydrogen Industry and Standards in China are encouraged

The hydrogen energy industry is encouraged by policies. The Guidelines for the Construction of Standard System of the Hydrogen Energy Industry (Version 2023) was issued. The standards for liquid hydrogen valves and vessels are drafted for comments.

Electronic CCC Certificates

CCC certification will fully implement electronic certificates. CNCA-C09-01: 2023 China Compulsory Certification Implementation Rules - Electronic Products and Safety Accessories come into force from 1 August 2023.

Chinese White Paper on Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling

The White Paper on Energy Efficiency Standards Labelling (2023 Edition) was released.

Chinese Energy Efficiency Standards as Benchmarking and Market Access

More energy consumption standards in key industrial sectors become the basis for industrial adjustment.

Chinese National Standards

537 voluntary Chinese national standards and 18 mandatory standards were approved.

Standard Drafts for Comments

Standard drafts are released for comments: pressure vessels, safety of rubber and plastics machinery, energy efficiency of water chiller, EMC and interconnection of textile equipment.

Chinese Low-Noise Construction Equipment

The first batch of "Low-noise construction equipment" is announced by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China and State Administration for Market Regulation jointly.

Four New Substances in China RoHS

Three standards are drafted or revised to support the upcoming changes in China RoHS.

Adjustment of Network Security Special Product Security Management

Cyberspace Administration of China emphasizes the importance of the Network Security Special Product Security certification and publicizes the certification results.

Annual Report on the Development of Standardization in China (2022)

By the end of 2022, there were 43,027 national standards, including 2,117 mandatory national standards active. Carbon emission and adoption of international standards in key areas are highlighted in the report.

Chinese National Standards

373 voluntary Chinese standards were approved.

Outlines of Agricultural Machinery for Subsidy

29 agricultural machinery extension appraisal outlines are released as references of corresponding agriculture machinery subsidies.

Standard Drafts and Project Plans for Chinese Mandatory Standards

Several standard drafts and project proposals for Chinese mandatory standards are released.

China Gradually Refines Data Regulation

Some enterprises have completed the Security Assessment of Cross-Border Data Transfer. Relevant regulations are gradually refined by the authority.

Implementation Rules of CEL Mark for Welding Machines and AC Contactors

Two implementation rule drafts of the China Energy Label (CEL) for welding machines and AC contactors are released for comments. With the approval of the implementation rule, welding machines shall have a CEL mark for the Chinese market.

Chinese Certifications for Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries and battery packs used in portable electronic products will be CCC required. A voluntary certification is announced for new energy vehicle power battery cascade utilization.

Standards Promote Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction

For energy conservation and carbon reduction, China is going to plan 100 standard projects and promote the implementation of current mandatory standards for motors, power transformers and boilers.

Chinese National Standards and Translation Projects

56 mandatory Chinese standards, 565 voluntary standards and 333 translated standards are approved. 360 standard translation projects are announced by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC).

Mandatory standard drafts and implementation rules for comments

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released several mandatory standard drafts for public comments. The original drafts in Chinese please find in the attachments.

Intelligent manufacturing standardization summary 2022

Under the structure of the intelligent manufacturing standardization general group, 57 national standards are published. A number of standards have been applied and created social value.

Trial of CCC self-inspection and self-certification

The CCC certification procedure will be adjusted and optimized. A trial of CCC self-inspection and self-certification will be conducted on some CCC products.

CCC accepts IECEx and IECEE reports

CNCA issued a notice on Requirements for the Adoption of the Evaluation Results from International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Conformity Assessment System for CCC. The authorized CCC certification bodies and test labs should draft their plans to specify how the testing report and inspection report of IECEx or IECEE are recognized in CCC. A batch of CCC products such as explosion-proof products, batteries, cables, and low-voltage electrical equipment, are listed.




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